Feb 28, 2018

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Bartending Horror Stories

Reading or listening to bartending horror stories enables you to know the real life of a bartender. Many people see bartending as a job that brings quick cash every week. However, it has its downsides. After all, this is a job that entails dealing with people that consume alcohol in copious amounts. As such, communicating with some customers becomes difficult.

Although not every night is bad for a bartender, there are things that almost every bartender can relate to. And, if you plan to become a bartender, it would be wise to read or listen to bartending horror stories first.

Bartenders are often misunderstood by their customers. However, some bartenders are good people that do not use unscrupulous means to get money from their customers. Unfortunately, many people see bartenders as individuals that drug and rob their customers. As such, some people treat bartenders with bad, preconceptions.

Bartenders Reach their Breaking Point – Since they are human, bartenders reach their breaking point. In fact, some of them become vengeful when treated badly by customers. Some of them become conniving home-wreckers that take liberties with power positions. Others take advantage of lonely ladies that go to bars. Such bartenders end up ruining the reputation of even good, genuine bartenders.

Incoherent Customers – Regardless of your profession, you will have unhappy customers to deal with. And, the experience is worse for bartenders because these customers are mostly drunk. Therefore, some bartenders just ignore them or ask the security personnel to kick them out.

Generally, bartending is one of the most challenging careers. In fact, it is unsafe for female workers because some customers misunderstand them. In some places, bartenders face sexual harassment at their workplaces every day. Nevertheless, some bartenders reach breaking points and become vengeful. Others do not care about satisfaction of incoherent customers. To understand bartenders and how to treat them, take time to read bartending horror stories.

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