May 24, 2019

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Feeling Intoxicated? Best Ways to Get Home Safe After Drinking Alcohol

While attending schooling and learning about how to become a professional bartender, we must also develop a good sense of health and safety in regards to the consumption of alcohol. Learning to treat alcohol as a gift to enjoy rather than something to abuse and let control you, we must respect the impact alcohol can have on a person and the consequences that are inevitable with the recreation of drinking.

Birthdays, weddings, holidays, and other celebrations are meant to bring friends and family closer and together. They offer a great opportunity to create new memories and share bonds that will last forever. They also give you the time to relax and unwind. Many of us indulge a little at the fine dining and delicious beverages.

Whether you’re down one can of beer or a bottle of wine, driving home is often not an option. Forget about the legal complications it can bring to your life, driving under the influence of alcohol can endanger your life and other driving on the road.

Here are some of the best tips to get home safe after a fun night of singing, dancing, and drinking:

Limit Alcohol Intake

There are many experts that recommend drinking alcohol in moderation. Your weight, size, and age contribute to your ability to handle alcohol. You may feel tipsy after one 12 oz. beer or you may be fine even after several shots of tequila. As per past experiences, it is also better to stay within the limit of alcohol moderation.

Pick Drinks Carefully

According to science, it is always important to pick the right drinks. Exploring the new flavours is always tempting and good for a night out. However, not all drinks are created equally. Always ask for the alcohol content of each drink and make the decision accordingly. Some drinks might just make you tipsy and others may knock you off your feet.

Hire a Taxi or Ride-Share Service  

You already know that driving drunk is a legal offense. You can get a non-drinking partner for a night out or hire a reliable taxi driver. If you cannot find a sober friend to drive, then ride-share services are also a great way to keep yourself safe during the night. You can also pre-book your cab to make sure that you have a ride when the night ends.

Wait Inside Until Your Taxi Arrives

In some big cities, taxi driver come on the street. But, when you have many drinks, you don’t want to be waiting for you cab at a stoplight or the curb. Thieves or traffic accidents are some of the risks involved in waiting the night for your taxi. Always stay inside until your taxi arrives.

Follow these steps and make your night safe and party sounder.

These guidelines are brought to you by a local taxi company to ensure that you stay safe, whatever the reason and context in which you choose to enjoy alcohol.

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Aug 9, 2017

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Learn Everything You Need To Know about Bartending

Do you want to get into the exciting and lucrative career of bartending but don’t know where to start? Do you want to go home every night with your pockets stuffed with cash from tips alone, plus receive a regular pay check on top of that? It’s hard to believe you can have this much fun and get paid for it! You could spend hundreds of dollars on one of those “bartending schools“, but if you read what other people are saying about them they all agree they are not worth the time or money.

The truth is they don’t teach you what you really need to know to run a bar. You don’t need to learn about the history of wine and beer, how it is made and other topics that have nothing to do with successfully running a real bar.

This is where Bartending Exposed comes in… You will learn step by step on how to set up and run any bar even if you have absolutely no experience at all. This guide will teach you everything you need to know so you can walk into you very first job as a bartender and work it like a pro from the very beginning. You will be completely confident because you will already know all the basics and how to make the most popular drinks your customers will be asking for!

Bartending Exposed was written by a professional bartender with over 30 years experience working in every type of bar. From local corner bars to some of the top Miami nightclubs! The author of Bartending Exposed has also trained a lot of new bartenders with on the job training and knows what you need to learn to get started on your bartending career.

Tending a bar involves much more than just making drinks.  This is especially true if you’re heading towards a career in this business.  The job includes customer service, management, security, and sometimes even being a psychiatrist!  Don’t go into this venture clueless. Bartending Exposed is a simple, easy to use guide that will teach you more than your inexperienced counterparts.  When you go into a job, you want to be armed with as much expertise and information as you can possibly find. Bartending Exposed will give you that information and a lot more! There is no need to waste your time and money sitting in a class room, not to mention travel time and gas. This guide will teach you everything you need to know and cost you a fraction of traditional bartending schools. If you want to be a successful bartender, the best thing to do is start bartending.

To learn more visit

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Jul 3, 2017

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Bartending Job Application

Bartending began as a trade years and years and years ago by the people who produced liquor and then sold it to the public.  This turned out to be quite a profitable venture for the bartenders and fulfilled the public need for a highly demanded product.

Historically, some people have had a particular fondness for liquor.  This is an enormous benefit for those who want to pursue bartending as a career.  It can also be great fun for those who love to host their own parties.  People want their drinks and prohibition proved that absence of product doesn’t lessen the demand. Tending bar involves much more than just making drinks.  This is especially true if you’re heading towards a career in the business.  The job includes customer service, management, security, and sometimes, psychiatrist!  Don’t go into this venture clueless.

The Resume Design and Template

You may want to make your bartender resume clean and simple right? But, do you feel you are unique from the others? They might do the same as you did, because plain and simple usually translates to more professional. If you give value to your bartender resume, give effort on creating some attractive design or coloured print within you will see improvements. Use some bartending images like a wine glass on your heading. You need something to help your resume stick out and give that “WOW” factor. Don’t believe me? With hundreds of resumes on a bar manager’s desk, he or she will stop and do a double take when there is a unique design factor on your page. The next thing you need to do is WOW them with content on your page.

Your Experience and Skills List

Your experience and skills is the most common thing your bartender employer will use to see how you could contribute to his/her company. With this being said, you need a proper strategy for effectively detailing your experience information. For starters, list only your most relevant experiences with bartending (or make irrelevant jobs RELEVANT!) And make sure not to use more than five resources. You don’t need to have a lot of experiences and skills to become a bartender unless at least a basic wine or alcoholic drinks mixing and a good attitude. Why not include this on your Advanced Skills lists; ”GLLA – Good Listening and Learning Attitude”. Most bartender employers will look for people who have the right attitude for his/her establishment.

The Cover Letter

Are you including a Sales Letter? Use positive words within your cover letter. Don’t try to put some negative things like what is your current situation and how much salary you need to help you out. Our goal is to get an interview! So we should write the best positive things in ourselves and accomplishments. You can simply adds up within your bartender cover letter a phrase like this ->”highly regarded mannered individual” and or something related that talks about good attitude.

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Jun 24, 2017

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School for Bartending

Glamorized by movies like Cocktail (starring Tom Cruise) and Coyote Ugly, the bartender dispenses drinks, entertains and converses with customers and in many cases, is essential to the vibe of the hottest nightclubs and restaurants. Of course, working as a bartender these days means you’ll be expected to do more than simply pour a few common drinks and serve draught beer.

Thanks largely to The Food Network and many of the shows it features; the appreciation for good food and drink is at an all time high. Thus, there’s a growing need for bartenders who are fully fledged mixologists, as well as for those who are schooled and knowledgeable about the various types of wine and what foods with which they pair properly.

While mixologists and bartenders share many of the same tasks, a mixologist is a “cocktail” specialist, expected to be able to “whip up” hundreds of popular cocktails on demand… and even create a few of his or her own! However, being a bartender is not all fun and games. The increasing amount of legal liability that every establishment faces when it opts to serve alcohol means that being a good bartender also means knowing when not to serve people. This point emphasizes the importance of proper training at the right school for bartending. How would you feel if someone you served hopped into a vehicle and caused a horrific accident as a result of consuming too much alcohol? Yes… working as a bartender means you assume an awesome responsibility, and one not to be taken lightly.

It is this need for responsible individuals that has caused many US states to require an alcohol seller or server certification in order for an individual to obtain employment serving alcohol. This certification ensures all individuals employed in this industry are trained to serve alcohol responsibly, as well as have knowledge of that state’s liquor laws.

Working as a bartender is an extremely popular option among students or anyone looking for a second job to subsidize the earnings of a day job since this is often an evening position. Official salary numbers as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics are not huge (anywhere from $17,000-$30,000) depending on where you are employed (physical location makes a huge difference, believe it or not). However, much of a bartender’s income comes from tips, which may or may not be fully reported as taxable income, so it likely the “true” numbers are significantly higher.

Considering that the typical “base” bartender course requires about 40 hours of instruction on average, this is a pretty quick and easy way to earn a salary that can be quite lucrative (again, the salary opportunities depend on a number of factors). Courses can be found locally – sometimes at community colleges or vocational schools, and there are even options for online schools for bartending! Whatever option you choose, know that you’re embarking on a fun and entertaining employment journey!

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